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Life expectancies continue to increase creating an increasing need for specialized healthcare professionals who are able to address the specific needs of older adults, developmentally disabled, and mentally impaired patients and clients. The field of Nurse Practitioner is a growing field that is able to step in and help with these populations. Nurse practitioners are trained to work with these specific patients and deal with the special challenges each of them face. Each is compassionate, highly trained, and a valuable member of the healthcare professional. Geriatric Nurse Practitioners are able to improve the quality of care for residents by influencing the ways in which structures and processes of care interact.

Our model is structured to compliment, NOT COMPETE, with a primary physician's patient care. We specialize in the management of long-term care patients by our professional staff of Nurse Practitioners (NPs). Our NPs collaborate with physicians and long-term care facilities to provide care to patients. Primary care physicians need to know when a patient has been treated by another provider. Many times a patient is seen in a walk-in clinic, emergency rooms, etc. and the primary care physician is never informed of the care provided. We consider it essential to provide a complete treatment report that can be added to the patient's medical records so the files are comprehensive and up to date. We take pride in our service capabilities and in the important role we play as an integral healthcare partner. The NP may work independently or as a member of a health care team. He or she also helps educate patients and their families with a focus on health maintenance, counseling, and disease prevention. to ensure optimum patient outcomes.

Our experienced Nurse Practitioners are fully licensed, and have national certification. They possess skills in physical diagnosis, psycho-social assessment, and management of health-illness needs in primary health care and long-term care. Our Nurse Practitioners may perform primary care service, prescribe medication, order tests, perform diagnostic evaluation and patient management services in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. The services provided by our Nurse Practitioners comply with the scope of practice and are clinically appropriate for the condition of the patient. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Nurse Practitioners have experience in comprehensive primary care responsibilities in family practice and long-term care population

  • Our Nurse Practitioners improve the quality of patient care and family satisfaction through dedication and appropriate medical treatment.

  • Treating long term care patients to improve their activities of daily living and improve their quality of life is our mission and primary focus.

  • Routine and emergency calls from the facility are taken by our Nurse Practitioners who are familiar with the patient’s condition. When we work with facilities, we are available 24/7.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners are available to address patient, staff, and family issues or concerns

  • We can help prevent costly emergency room trips, which create physical and emotional stress on all concerned.


Benefits to Physicians

  • Our Nurse Practitioners will save you valuable time and improve your ability to provide quality care to patients in long term care facilities at no charge to you.

  • We can help take some of your phone calls and provide you with patient information according to your arranged treatment parameters.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners are available 24/7 to cover after hours, week-ends and holiday calls from the facilities.

  • Our services reduce the number of fax reports and e-mail you must review and process.

  • We provide acute evaluation and chronic disease management of your patients if you are unable to get to the facility in a timely manner.

  • We assist in meeting regulatory and practice guidelines.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners will take calls and meet with the patient’s family to address concerns promptly.

  • Your risk of suit is markedly reduced when our Nurse Practitioners are part of the care delivery team.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners are fully insured with mal-practice insurance.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners will help make you more productive by saving you time in caring for your long term care patients.


Benefits to Facility

  • Our Nurse Practitioners provide frequently scheduled on site facility presence.

  • Treating Long Term Care patients is the major focus and priority for our company.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners provide overall primary care role for patients in collaboration with primary care and attending physicians.

  • We address patient, staff and family concerns promptly and efficiently.

  • Our Nurse Practitioner services will increase physician and staff efficiency and productivity.

  • We transmit timely patient assessment directly to physicians and hospitals.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners are alert to quality indicator issues and provide prompt treatment to the patient.

  • We follow strict documentation and regulation guidelines.

  • The excellent care our Nurse Practitioners provide will reduce the need for costly transfer of patients to acute hospitals.

  • Use of our Nurse Practitioner services greatly diminishes mal-practice liability exposure for the facilities and the attending physician.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners follow the facility formulary and senior care pharmacy guidelines.

  • We routinely interact with the Consultant Pharmacists regarding pharmacogenomics, polypharmacy and other medication issues.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners can place difficult I.V. catheters & G. Tubes.

  • Our Nurse Practitioners provide ongoing education to your nursing staff.

  • Long Term care facilities utilizing our Nurse Practitioner program gain a distinct marketing advantage.

  • Acute hospital discharge nurses prefer to recommend a facility which offers our Nurse Practitioner services.


National Survey Results

Of a total of 870 respondents (response rate 19%), 546 respondents (63%) reported the involvement of NPs in the care of residents in their facilities. In total, respondents identified 1160 NPs involved in care, with a median of two NPs per responding facility (range, 1-10). Respondents reported that NPs make sick/urgent resident visits (96%), provide preventive care to long-stay residents (88%), and perform alternating required regulatory 30/60 (88%), hospice care (80%), and wound care (78%). Significant variations in practice patterns were found between NPs employed by a LTC facility (19% of respondents) as compared with those NPs employed in other arrangements. Large majorities of medical directors stated that NPs are particularly effective in maintaining physician satisfaction (90%), resident satisfaction (87%), and family satisfaction (85%). An additional 34% of the respondents projected an increased need for NPs in nursing homes in the future.

Getting Started

LTC Ventures makes it easy to start utilizing our Nurse Practitioner program :

  1. Simply call or e-mail us for additional information. If you are calling specifically about the Nurse Practitioner programs, call Barry or Tonya @ (615)354-7839.

  2. We will ask you a few questions about your facility or medical practice, some demographic information to determine if you are in our current service area and your account will be established. If you are not in our current service area, we will assist in getting you coverage with one of our relationships in your market.

There is no cost to the facility or to the attending physicians to establish an account or to use our Nurse Practitioner services. We look forward to your call, e-mail or fax and we stand ready to provide your patients with outstanding medical care from our team of experienced Nurse Practitioners.



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