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LTC Ventures is a consulting and analytics company that works with health care providers including long term care facilities, mental health facilities, drug addiction facilities and LTC pharmacies to reduce costs as well as find the right suppliers for their service needs.

LTC Ventures is unique in that we work with both facilities and pharmacies, as well as suppliers to each, and know where we can make the biggest impact to the bottom line for each class of trade while improving patient care. We have extensive experience in all segments of the industry and use our expertise to benefit all parties. When we choose to work with a pharmacy, we know they are able to pass on these savings to the facilities they service and we are able to negotiate this on behalf of the facility. We know this because we also help pharmacies maximize their savings through our wholesaler, manufacturer, and GPO relationships.

We realize the most significant savings opportunities for facilities are normally in pharmacy, medical supplies, and food purchasing. We strategically choose the right partner for the facility based on a series of requirements.

Pharmacy service providers are chosen based on integrity, service offerings, pricing, packaging selections, consulting options, med record offerings, and compatibility. Many of these pharmacies do not have an outside marketing representative and choose to utilize our account management services as a marketing tool for their pharmacy. We have a strong working relationships with our network of pharmacies. If we have a need for a pharmacy in a new market, we have relationships in the industry that help us narrow down our search for the right pharmacy partners.

Our relationships with GPOs, foodservice distributors, and med supply distributors also work to the advantage of the facilities that we work with. If you are looking for a new foodservice supplier or med supply company, we can have an analysis done on your behalf utilizing GPO contracts to maximize your savings. 

As healthcare providers continue to see cuts from Medicare and Medicaid, now is the time to review your current supply contracts and contact LTC Ventures. We know how to negotiate and guarantee you a savings.

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