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Business Analysis


Regional and National

Wholesalers - We will work with you to see that you are receiving the best pricing available through your wholesaler. We will work with you to prepare an RFP for your wholesaler business. There are a lot of wholesalers and they all want your business. We also work with other networks and combine multiple pharmacies to negotiate cost of goods based on aggregate business. 

GPOs - Most pharmacies realize that a GPO is a necessity. The pricing for LTC business is significantly lowered by working with a GPO. There are rebates available through manufacturers, but many pharmacies are missing out on rebates they don't know exist. Let us show you how to obtain all the rebates available to you.

Generic Manufacturers - we have access to generic manufacturers that have shown significant savings opportunities for our current pharmacy providers.

We will market services for pharmacies that we choose to offer our account management services. This is a win-win for the pharmacy and the facility.

Account Management - LTC Ventures will provide a "neutral third party" as a liaison between the pharmacy and the facility. The account manager will get involved in the contracting, transition, and on-going service while that pharmacy is providing service to the facility.  In addition, the account manager will ensure that all proper documentation is "rolled up" to the appropriate person on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Contracting - We will work with both parties to ensure that the contract covers both parties. When we choose to work with a pharmacy, the pharmacy agrees to put all services offered into the contract. There are times when things are said prior to contract implementation that do not make it into contracts. This is where the third party works to the advantage of all parties.

LTC Ventures works closely with other companies that provide services to healthcare companies. Through these relationships, occasional opportunities arise for pharmacy providers in the LTC Ventures network. As a proven pharmacy, you will have opportunities that you would most likely never know about or have an opportunity to pursue.

We realize that healthcare facilities are bought and sold and personnel make moves. As facilities are bought and sold, new owners like the services that LTC Ventures offers and ask us about servicing facilities in other areas. If you are an LTC Ventures network member and the opportunity is in your area, you will be given the opportunity to present to the new owner.  There have been times that facilities owners wanted to explore joint venture opportunities, pharmacy management contracts, or new pharmacy opportunities. We will ensure that you will receive an opportunity if you desire to grow into other markets when these opportunities are presented.

If you would like to be part of the LTC Ventures Pharmacy Network or if you would simply like to know more about us and our services, contact us today at (888)823-0747 or email us at for additional information. 
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